Blended Learning

Blended Learning

inSupply uses a variety of approaches to achieve learning outcomes including: mentorship, leadership training, classroom instruction, self-directed virtual learning, on-the-job training and supervision to build supply chain skills and knowledge. We focus on ongoing skills transfer and competency acquisition by introducing novel approaches that bring cultural change to organizations, by embedding new processes to reinforce skills and strengthen performance.

“I am one happy IMPACT Team member. Having gone through supply chain and organization training modules, they are a wonderful set of training packages.”

Dr. Lasoi-Cherengany sub County Pharmacist, Transnzoia


Custom Supply Chain Training

inSupply draws from JSI’s decades of experience and deep expertise in capacity development for supply chain management.  

We tailor training to suit organizations’ needs and gaps. inSupply works with Ministry of Health clients, NGOs and development partners to train workforce members in various aspects of supply chain management, designing custom curriculums for each organization and training.

Training Use Cases

Reproductive Health Commodity Security and Supply Chain Management TOT Workshop

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inSupply Report on the Public Health Supply Chain (PHSC) Training

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Building Capacity to Improve Pharmaceutical and Medical Commodity Management in Humanitarian and Disaster Settings, Nairobi workshop

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e-Learning Packages

inSupply’s learning packages are self-directed, online-based, modular courses designed for building competency in the improvement of data use for health supply chains. They are hosted on the IMPACT team portal that can be accessed at any time with any device. The courses are free of charge to anyone interested, regardless of affiliation. Each of the five courses was designed to generate knowledge, skills and behaviours to effectively design and implement an IMPACT team.

e-Learning Packages Use Cases

Introduction to IMPACT Teams Learning Packages


Skilled for the Process: IT Learning Packages

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IMPACT Team Learning Packages Infographic

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