Market Development and Partnerships

inSupply Health facilitates partnerships between startup innovators, private stakeholders, and public sector institutions. We help our clients and partners enter new markets and reach target populations; support them with product life-cycle management and market testing; and co-create ways to enhance customer experience.

We also aim to expand the reach of our global goods and services through partnerships with like-minded organizations that can adapt solutions to improve the health and supply chain systems serving their communities.


We are excited to explore how to expand womens’ access to self-care products and services in Kenya. Together with our partners, pharmacies and customers, we will co-design solutions aimed at better serving women’s needs in family planning and self-care.

Yasmin Chandani


Market Entry

inSupply’s deep understanding of context, in-country networks, and relationships are an asset for new product introduction and organizations that wish to work in the region. We develop custom strategies for introducing interventions and products, ensuring they connect to appropriate decision makers and stakeholders. We also share market insights and conduct modeling or share data to inform clients’ decisions on market entry.

Market Entry Use Cases

Tanzania supply chains and UAVs

A Public Private Partnership to facilitate E-Commerce Rural Expansion while promoting Community Health Volunteer Sustainability

Deliver the Future Phase 2 Preparation