Our Expertise

inSupply Health has an established track record of collaborating with partners in government, public health, and the private sector and excel at designing resilient supply chain solutions for essential health products and using information technology and innovation to drive health system performance.

inSupply Health is an independent public health advisory firm based in East Africa. We are dedicated to improving people’s access to essential health products and services by drawing on the experience of our JSI affiliation and our dynamic regional team to help our clients design health system solutions for complex challenges and environments.

People and Processes

inSupply’s approach affirms that people are at the heart of the supply chain, as managers, operators and ultimately as customers. We design and implement customer-facing supply chains, optimizing them for performance and efficiency. Our IMPACT Team approach, employs a people and data led approach for establishing a culture of continuous supply chain improvement by developing the ability of interconnected teams to systematically use data for decision-making, efficiently solve problems, and demonstrate the leadership needed for moving supply chain performance to the next level of maturity. IMPACT Teams use a structured problem solving approach which includes systematic analysis of their performance, identification of bottlenecks and problems, root cause analysis, identification and implementation of practical local solutions which boost supply chains for health products to the very last mile.



The inSupply team believes in the power of innovation to transform supply chain system processes and outcomes. In deploying or adapting innovation for system strengthening, we consider how technology or process innovations can be customized to the unique contextual or system requirements, and, most importantly, be integrated in an affordable, sustainable way. In Tanzania we have been testing the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as a last mile delivery solution. With any innovative approach the technology is not enough by itself. Our team provides the expertise to pair new technologies with processes and human resources to make proper use of the new tools and the data they provide.

Data Use and Visibility

inSupply’s IMPACT Team approach equips users with the skills to analyse data using dashboards and other visual tools so that they can identify trends and root causes of problems, develop solutions and take action for enhancing supply chain performance and efficiency, and makes data more accessible to other users in their teams and networks. Our model has proven so successful that it’s been adopted by others in the public health sector.

Our Technical Service Offerings

Supply Chain Maturity Assessment & Strategy

Supply Chain Capacity Development

Gaming for Health

Quantification of Health Commodities

Data Analysis & Visualization

Supply Chain System Design & Implementation

Last Mile Health Commodity Distribution

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