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Outcome Harvesting Synthesis Report
The Outcome Harvesting activity was conducted across four projects that shared similar interventions, geographies, and timelines. 

cStock Endline Evaluation
Making Essential Health Commodities Available at the Community Level project

Redesigning vaccine CCE temperature monitroing data use and decision making using Human-Centered Design in Kenya and Tanzania
This report is a summary of insights and findings from the Human-Centered Design (HCD) approach and usability study conducted on all levels of the health system including partners working on vaccines’ cold chain management in both Kenya and Tanzania.

Implementing AI in Tanzanian Health Supply Chains
Learn more about how you can improve your supply chain through the application of AI.

Theory of Change & Theory of Action for Strengthening of Healthcare Supply Chain through Artificial Intelligence

With support from the Bill & Melinda Gates and ELMA Foundations and together with MOHCDGEC Tanzania, inSupply Health and partners co-created a TOC & TOA.

What should you deliver by unmanned aerial systems?
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and systems (UASs) have significant potential to improve the availability of health products in hard-to-reach locations. JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI) and our partners LLamasoft and the Nichols Group wrote this paper to provide countries and public health stakeholders with objective guidance on how to make informed decisions about which health products to prioritize for delivery and by which type of UAS platform to achieve the six ‘rights’ of a supply chain.

Quantification of Health Commodities: DMPA-SC Companion Guide
This quantification guide specific to subcutaneous DMPA (DMPA-SC) aims to help family planning program managers, supply chain/logistics managers, and procurement officers confront the significant challenges in estimating and planning for commodity needs as programs introduce and integrate provision of DMPA-SC.

Using Data to Keep Vaccines Potent
The ELMA Foundation funded study assessed whether using remote temperature monitoring (RTM) devices and a structured, problem-solving and action-oriented approach for data use will facilitate better vaccine management.

cStock: Making lifesaving health commodities available at the last mile in Kenya
This three-page overview of the cStock approach and IMPACT teams to ensure commodity availability for community health workers in Kenya.

Piloting cStock in Siaya County: Endline Evaluation Report
After two years of implementation in Siaya County, Kenya, this report details the effectiveness and impact of the cStock approach and IMPACT teams towards ensuring commodity availability for community health workers.

inSupply HealthGames
Our HealthGames platform allows youth to access credible, engaging health content that enables them to track their learning over time in a fun, competitive environment.

Placing People, Data, & Processes at the Heart of Supply Chain Improvement
JSI and inSupply’s signature IMPACT team approach to supply chain problem-solving, action planning, and quality improvement has been implemented in 10 countries with demonstrable improvements in supply chain performance and product availability.

inSupply Health
Learn more about our background, technical expertise, and project results in this overview brief.

SCALE: Supply Chain Alternatives for Last Mile Equity
Learn more about how inSupply Health team used Human Centered Design (HCD) to redesign cStock approach to reduce barriers to Family Planning updake at the last mile.

Making Data Useful: The VIMS Story in Tanzania 
Learn more about how inSupply Health and JSI team helped with the successful implementation of VIMS in Tanzania.

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