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Juma Ikombola

Supply Chain Advisor

Ikombola Juma is a highly dedicated and motivated Pharmacist working as a Supply Chain Advisor at inSupply Health, where Ikombola has more than 9 years’ experience working with JSI in the field of Supply Chain of Health Commodities. He started working as Supply Chain Monitoring Advisor, thereafter as a Zonal Logistics Coordinator and played a key role in developing supply chain performance monitoring tools, training materials as well as building capacity to supply chain actors and stakeholders with a goal of improving commodity availability and guarantee uninterrupted service delivery to majority Tanzanians. His expertise and affinity to logistics data from electronic systems such as Electronic Management Information System and Epicor9 has contributed to improvement in data visibility, availability, accessibility, and use to make informed decisions by supply chain stakeholders. Mr. Ikombola is actively supporting the two ministries responsible for health (Ministry of Health Community Development Gender Elderly and Children and President’s Office Reginal Administrative and Local Government) in implementing the IMPACT Teams Approach to UNFPA supported regions as well as piloting UAV initiatives through GIZ. Mr. Ikombola holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

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