Capacity Enhancement

inSupply works to improve the effectiveness, sustainability, and resilience of health supply chains in East Africa and beyond. We do this by strengthening supply chain management skills and expertise, and enhancing data equity, visibility, and use through more effective processes and tools.


I would like to give a special shout-out to the inSupply team that supported the Sierra Leone MOH in their supply chain quantification and pipeline management, and helped increase district level supply chain data visibility and use. The team earned the praise of everyone involved and did so under less than optimal conditions. Due to unforeseen circumstances, their implementation time was reduced from eight to four months. During this very short time, the inSupply team managed to leave its mark on the Sierra Leone supply chain and institutionalize some really meaningful improvements.
The way in which they did this was masterful and did not go unnoticed. HRSA has been impressed with inSupply’s work and various partners seem to have expressed an interest in their approach. It has been an absolute pleasure working with inSupply and we are looking forward to future opportunities to collaborate. Many thanks to Yasmin and the entire inSupply team!

Herman Willems

Technical Advisor, JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc.

IMPACT teams

The Information Mobilized for Performance Analysis and Continuous Transformation (IMPACT) team approach—

  • strengthens data use and management processes and practices
  • enhances individual and team performance
  • improves supply chain outputs and outcomes.

IMPACT teams comprise people across functions and disciplines who meet routinely and:

  • are trained to develop, interpret, and set targets for key supply chain indicators, and use action-oriented dashboards
  • follow a structured, problem-solving process
  • use their data for operational and strategic decisions to improve supply chain performance.


The IMPACT team model brings people together from different cadres, demonstrating the multidisciplinary connection from all levels where teams have been able to own the data, and improve reporting rates and quality.

Dr. Mohamed Hanif

County pharmacist, Mombasa, Kenya

Design, Development and Delivery of Supply Chain Learning Experiences

inSupply draws from JSI’s expertise in capacity development for supply chain management. inSupply works with Ministries of Health, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and development partners to train workforce members in various aspects of supply chain management, designing custom curriculums for each organization’s needs and wants.

Custom Supply Chain Use Cases

Reproductive Health Commodity Security and Supply Chain Management TOT Workshop

inSupply Report on the Public Health Supply Chain (PHSC) Training

Building Capacity to Improve Pharmaceutical and Medical Commodity Management in Humanitarian and Disaster Settings, Nairobi workshop

Instructional Training Design and Blended/Virtual learning

inSupply uses mentorship, leadership training, classroom instruction, self-directed virtual learning, on-the-job training, and supervision to build supply chain skills and knowledge. We foster ongoing skills transfer and competency acquisition by introducing new processes that reinforce skills and strengthen performance.

Instructional Training Design and Blended/Virtual learning Use Cases

Use case coming soon

Use case coming soon

Use case coming soon

e-Learning Packages

inSupply’s e-Learning packages are self-directed modular courses designed to institutionalize the innovate-do-review approach and continuous improvement culture in health supply chains. They were designed to equip health care workers with the competencies, skills and knowledge required for strong data review teams. They are hosted on the IMPACT team portal, which can be accessed at any time with any device, and are free of charge.

 I am one happy IMPACT team member. Having gone through supply chain and organization training modules, they are a wonderful set of training packages.

Dr. Lasoi-Cherengany

Sub County Pharmacist, Trans-Nzoia, Tanzania