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Yasmin Chandani


Ms. Yasmin Chandani is the CEO of inSupply Health, an independent public health advisory firm based in Nairobi dedicated to improving people’s access to essential health products and services. inSupply Health draws on an affiliation with global public health consulting firm, JSI and a dynamic regional team to help clients design health system solutions for complex challenges and environments.
With over 20 years’ experience in supporting and advising national governments and NGOs in public health supply chain design and implementation in 15 countries, Ms. Chandani has served as a director of multi-country, multi-year initiatives including the SC4CCM (Supply Chains for Community Case Management) Project and the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT. In these roles, Ms. Chandani led teams to develop transformative solutions, for community supply chain systems under SC4CCM and to meet the needs of emergent HIV/AIDS supply chains to serve prevention, care, and treatment programs in the early 2000s. As part of this work, Ms. Chandani was instrumental in developing and adapting forecast methodologies for these products to capture the nuances of these products and programs. Considered a supply chain thought leader, Ms. Chandani is known for her rigorous attention to quality and her persistent emphasis on skills transfer and systematic, systemic institutionalization and has a successful track record in applying innovative solutions such as mHealth, UAVs and data-driven quality improvement approaches for building optimized, resilient supply chains.

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